How To Resign

We encourage our candidates to go in with a closed envelope containing their resignation letter, and we advise an opening statement that goes something like this: ''Mr. Employer, I've made a final decision to accept another opportunity. I'm sure, because of the respect you've given me and the respect I have for you, that you won't disappoint me by our going back and forth with any type of emotional counteroffer. I'm taking advantage of a new opportunity and I've accepted.''

We also asked a candidate to reply to the employer's question; ''What company are you going to?'' With something like this: ''The company has asked me not to disclose where I'm going. There's been an internal change, and it hasn't been announced yet. But I guarantee, because of the relationship we've had, that as soon as I'm settled you'll be the first person I will inform.'' This eliminates the possibility of the employer making derogatory comments about the company or the position, because they aren't known.

Another question the employer might ask is; ''How much are they going to pay you?'' The candidate should respond that the reason for leaving is not money but opportunity; therefore, money isn't a relevant issue.

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