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Do You Have the Talent, and Character Traits to Excel in One of the World's Fastest Growing Industries?

Management Recruiters International (MRI) is a leader in the $60 billion staffing industry. Our core competency is finding the best and the brightest talent for our client companies. To find that talent, our offices have the best and brightest account executives and staffing consultants in the business. To be a successful member of the MRI team, you need talent past success with high levels of energy, self-confidence, goal orientation, intelligence, and the desire to excel.

lf you can bring these skills to the recruiting and staffing market, you can count on MRI to provide the training, support services, and customer-focused staffing solutions that will make you a winner - well beyond the level you could achieve in a typical corporate setting.


Training is a way of life at MRI, and we have a justified reputation of employing the best-trained account teams in the business. Through MRI University, classes are conducted on the world's largest private videoconference network. Combine this with an extensive video-training library and on-the-job coaching, and we'll get you off to a fast start! And we continually supply you with leading-edge information and training so that you'll always be at the top of your game.

Support Services

As an MRI account executive, you'll have access to an extensive database of clients and candidates - plus a proprietary software system that allows you to develop plans based on this idea. More important than data is a network of more than 6,000 staffing professionals throughout MR! who form an unequaled team - an international network that will help you meet client needs. In addition, national conventions and regional workshops create an atmosphere that encourages you to work with the network. An Internet homepage, a national marketing program, and matchless achievement recognition programs provide added support to ensure your success.

Customer-Focus Staffing Solutions

Unprecedented changes have occurred in the staffing world. And since MRI and its clients are parts of this changing environment, our staffing solutions are designed to satisfy customer objectives. Our account executives can take advantage of a wide array of problem-solving services that directly relate to permanent placement, flexible staffing, and right-fit'' solutions. These services include interim executive placement, outsourced sales forces, state-of-the-art personality assessment tools, complete relocation services and a worldwide alliance that allows our clients access to recruitment and staffing opportunities in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

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